American Business PayPal Declines to Pakistan to Extend Services.

American Business PayPal Declines to Pakistan to Extend Services.

Islamabad: Pakistan government officials on Friday stated that as of now PayPal, an American company which operates a worldwide payment system that supports online money transfers, has refused to extend its services to Pakistan. An Information Technology Ministry of Pakistan delegation attempted to convince the company to introduce its services in the nation last month media reported.

The PayPal officials advised the delegation since there aren’t any business possibilities in the country that as of now Pakistan is not a part of their programme for three or more years. The National Institute of Technology Board said that Pakistan wants PayPal to begin operations in the nation to facilitate its countrymen earning overseas nations in transferring cash from there and confronting problems.

PayPal reviews its operations every year and there is a risk that it might enter Pakistan in the future, the board stated. In February this year, the then Finance Minister Asad Umar stated that the government is committed to attract PayPal into Pakistan.

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