Google Bounty Program To Pay $1 Million To Find Bugs On Pixel Devices.

Google Bounty Program To Pay $1 Million To Find Bugs On Pixel Devices.

Security researchers have a fresh offer. For finding bugs on Google Pixel 18, the technology giant is currently giving away $ 1 million as awards. Unique bugs found on the Pixel apparatus can damage user data and has to be stomped. Security Researchers need to break into the Google Titan M secure element to discover the bugs.

Google Bug Bounty Program

In addition, Google is also offering an additional 50 percent incentive is investigators who can locate a vulnerability on’specific developer preview versions of Android’. This would place the general bounty amount to $1.5 million. However, this would again require cracking in the Google Titan M, which is similar to the Apple iPhone Secure Elementa. When Google first rolled out the insect management application for Android apparatus, the highest bounty amount was $38,000. Google states” We will reward extra for a complete exploit chain (normally multiple vulnerabilities chained together) that shows arbitrary code execution, data exfiltration, or a lock display bypass.”

Google Pixel Vulnerability

Google Pixel smartphones recently had a security compromise with the Camera program, which allowed hackers to click images and record videos with no user’s permission. The vulnerability has been also found on Samsung smartphones. Millions of smartphone users have influenced.

Google released a patch to fix it once the bug was found. Now, the search giant rolled out the bounty program to enhance the security levels. Plus it looks like Google is matching Apple with the rewards for discovering the bugs. Apple is providing iPhone to dig malicious hackers to track vulnerabilities and the flaws on smartphones.

Researchers beneath Microsoft’s Azure bug school program are rewarded with $40,000.

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