If technology procured US for defence co-production with India.

If technology procured US for defence co-production with India.

President Donald Trump’s administration in Washington D.C. wants New Delhi to tighten its safety protocols to allow it to be certain that no third party can get the defence technologies that the United States will discuss with India.

A senior officer of the US State Department said that while American authorities and the defence industries were considering’co-research, co-development, and co-production’ of military gear together with India,” Trump Administration wouldn’t leave any scope to Russia and other third countries to steal the technologies.

‘Indians, while very interested – as they should be – in co-research, co-development, and co-production – that we are interested in, and our industry’s interested in – we don’t want it vulnerable since some Russians walking the shop floor decide to go walk away and set it in their handbag or knapsack and return to Moscow,’ the senior US State Department official told journalists during a briefing in Washington D.C.’We are not going to allow that.’

The transcript of this briefing was installed on the US State Department’s site.

‘And, therefore what we have pushed with Indians is: tighten up your procurement procedures, tighten up your defence technology security procedures and protocols, then you’re putting yourselves in a much more mature space for a tighter, closer partner,’ said the official.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will maintain the next India-America 2+2 dialogue with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper, in Washington D.C. following month. The initial 2+2 dialogue between India and the US in September 2018 had seen.

The ISA agreement will have New Delhi guaranteeing for protection of the data and technology the US will share with India to increase the defence connections from the degree to the amount of combined R&D and joint production.

The US State Department official acknowledged that the range of’co-research, co-production and co-development’ by India and America of military hardware, but underlined that New Delhi would need to make processes and the protocols better to protect technology and procurement processes . New Delhi needs the aircraft to be manufactured in India.

India is also possible to clinch deals worth over $ 7 billion with the US for procurement of Sea Guardian armed drones and P-8I anti-submarine war and surveillance aircraft.

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