The ball is set by army HQ.

The ball is set by army HQ.

A piquant situation developed at the 33rd Biennial Battalion Commanders Conference of Madras Regiment last April when Arunachal Pradesh Governor Brig (Retd) BD Mishra decided to attend the event at Wellington, Tamil Nadu. A veteran of a few of the oldest army regiments, Mishra’s visit needed last-minute diplomatic finesse in the Indian Army as specialists outranking him grumbled over his being given taste (he had been, after all, a governor). The function was attended by Lt Gen Rajeev Chopra, this regiment’s colonel, along with other major generals. The episode highlights that the tussle currently playing within the Army on whether, an officer, post retirement or jawan is characterized by his position, or his academic, financial or constitutional standing.

Nowadays, the military is grappling with well-to-do retired junior commissioned officers and sergeants seeking membership of the Defence Services Officers Institute or military clubs, or occasionally attempting to stand in queues meant for their rank at the canteen agencies depot to purchase spirits. There have also been incidents where the more clever officers have hidden their retirement to walk out of situations.

Not to let the divide sharpen farther, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat and his additional principals at Army HQ have opted to make a code of conduct for its Army as merely employees of Indian Armed Forces are permitted to carry their rankings as a sign of esteem and dignity, article retirement. The army brass is apparent that a individual’s rank in the Indian Army defines him inside the hierarchy, not financial or social standing. The other option is to give up the and commensurate benefits and return to civilian life.

Even though Army Chief Rawat is facing criticism from veterans who do not want any code of behavior, the fact is that Army HQ is currently in the process of framing the law in consultation with its legal wing and also punitive provisions built into it.

This will prevent junior officers abusing generals on Twitter in language that is primitive and further diminishing the dependence on an Indian Army officer. It is this military ethos that ensure that Gen Rawat addresses retired Army Chiefs respectfully as for him Gen (Retd) VK Singh is a former Army Chief first and then minister of state for road transport and highways in the Narendra Modi government.

Army HQ is apparent it is not interested in a code of conduct that functions as an advisory to serving and retired officers but that has teeth to withdraw pensionary benefits in the worst of all cases. This may work in cases where even a jawan or the officer has misrepresented facts prior to law enforcement agencies to get relief. It’s come to the notice of the Army HQ when captured by law enforcement or law enforcement agencies, that some officers have hidden their retirement. You will find many others who’ve misused canteen advantages to buy excise free spirits for civilians with the worst of these selling spirits. The code of conduct will ensure that a retired soldier can’t be a fauji or even a civilian at his convenience.

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