This Ultra Portable Gadget Promises To Protect You.

This Ultra Portable Gadget Promises To Protect You.

The waves, which is also termed as visible radiations can be seen by A human eye . These include x-rays, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays, microwaves and radio waves. Kinds of radiations may adversely affect our health and can be bad for the body. For instance, the mobile devices we take with ourselves 24×7 radio waves, which is also a form of radiation and can be absorbed by our bodies.

Like cellular phones, other regular use gadgets such as Wi-Fi routers, servers in your office, laptops, etc.. emit radiations that can have long-term effects on our health. Since these gadgets have become an integral part of our daily routine, we often tend to dismiss radiations effect. You can adopt some steps to minimize the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from daily use apparatus.

Like Air purifiers that shield us radiation purifier is your gadget in town that might eventually become a family thing in the coming years. Modicare, a part of Modi Enterprises (K.K Modi Group) which sells a number of products (wellness, skincare, healthcare, etc.) has introduced a radiation purifier named Enviroglobe.

The company claims,”Enviroglobe is a gadget that takes care of the radiation emitted from several electronics that we use or come across in our day to day lives by changing the damaging nature of electromagnetic radiation emitted from these”.

The business has shared a unit of Enviroglobe with us which I am personally carrying around at home or at the workplace expecting it to neutralize the damaging effect of electromagnetic radiations from 100s of gadgets in my vicinity. As there’s no radiation meter on the ultra-portable gadget or any form of indication that informs regarding the electrosmog, we can’t ascertain how effective Enviroglobe is in reducing or neutralizing the radiation impact.

The very best part, it recharges with sunlight and even through artificial covers and light 300-350 sq. ft. area. You won’t require a battery or a adaptor to recharge it to show its magic.

You can merely keep Enviroglobe at home, in your car or on your office desk and it might help in lessening the stress in your body caused because of exposure to EMFs. The spherical gadget is made out of stainless steel and serves for a paperweight, kidding.

Sounds good? You are able to purchase the Enviroglobe radiation shield from in Rs. 4,499. The webpage on cites that Enviroglobe is broadly tested and had shown a positive influence on the health of more than 1,000 people.

We only hope it works and rescue us that human eyes cannot even see. Let us know if you feel little stress-free after studying about Enviroglobe or using it for over a year or so.

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